December 22, 2016

In the News:

  • Bridging the town and gown divide – PBS Newshour (12/21 – Widener University is mentioned for its efforts to bridge the divide between the university and the city of Chester. Gretchen Mielke, assistant dean for civic engagement, is quoted.)
  • What the tech? Widener prof warns of digital addiction – Delaware County Daily Times (12/22 – Dr. Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer, associate professor of communication studies, discussed the research on cellphone addiction he has conducted for his forthcoming documentary “Cellular Aftershocks”)
  • Biden on his way to Penn? (12/21 – Mention that Vice President Joe Biden previously taught at Widener Delaware Law)
  • Study Data from Widener University Update Knowledge of Botany – Life Science Weekly (12/21-News that Dr. Kate Goodrich, associate professor of biology, co-authored the paper “Unusual Twig ‘Twistiness’ in Pawpaw Provides Biomechanical Protection for Distal Foliage in High Winds” with alumnus Luis Ortiz, ’13, and Dr. David Coughlin, professor of biology. The paper was recently accepted for publication in the November 2016 issue of the American Journal of Botany.)

Athletic Update: