Friday, August 26, 2016

In the News:

  • Calls to reform gift policy for government officials often unanswered in Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh Tribune (Dr. Wes Leckrone, associate professor of political science, provided expert commentary)
  • The fourth annual Freshmen Day of Service was featured during the evening news broadcast on WCAU-TV (NBC) on 8/25.
  • 6 Things You’re Doing That You’ll Seriously Regret In 10 Years – Fast Company (8/25 – Dr. Hal Shorey, associate professor of clinical psychology and director of Organizational Development Services, provided expert commentary) 
  • Del. Companies Placing More Conditions On Records Demands – Bloomberg BNA (8/25 – Lawrence Hamermesh, professor at Delaware Law, provided expert commentary)

News Releases:

Events on Main Campus Today:

  • Convocation for the Class of 2020; 9:30 a.m.; Bown Garden on Memorial Field

Events on or near Main Campus on Saturday:

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