Monday, June 13, 2016

In the News:

  • Delaware Achievers, June 12 – The News Journal (6/12 – Widener University Delaware Law School was mentioned for being named to three “best of” lists by International Jurist magazine)
  • How An 1918 Author Introduced the World to the Concept of Female Pleasure – Atlas Obscura (6/10 – Janine Utell, professor and chair of English, provided expert commentary)
  • Education Notes – (6/10 – Jennifer Gleeson, Morgan Stewart and Ariane Hilborn were recognized for completing the Leadership Certificate Program offered through the Oskin Leadership Institute)
  • 21 States Sue Delaware Over Unclaimed Property – The News Journal (6/9 –Lawrence Hamermesh, a corporate law professor at Delaware Law, provided expert commentary)
  • Yes, You Still Have Thin Privilege if you ‘Worked For’ Your Body – Here’s Why – Everyday Feminism (6/9 – Melissa Fabello, a M.Ed. alumna and current Ph.D. student in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies, authored a commentary piece)
  • Everything you want to know about sex- in an app – The San Francisco Chronicle (6/7 – Tyler Burns, a Center for Human Sexuality Studies student and project manager with the Interdisciplinary Sexuality Research Collaborative, is mentioned)