Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In the News:

  • The January issue of The In RE: (journal of the Delaware State Bar Association) features a column by Linda Ammons, counsel to the president for legal education, on success tips for the new year.
  • The January issue of The National Jurist includes a story about the Princeton Review ranking Widener Law in Harrisburg third highest for most competitive students. Robyn Meadows, interim law dean, was quoted.  
  • Campus News – Lebanon Daily News (1/13 – Mention of a student named to the dean’s list at Widener) 
  • Paris attacks expected to influence Boston Marathon trial – Telegram (1/13 – Repost of the New York Times story featuring expert commentary from Jules Epstein, professor of law) 
  • A nuanced decision on oil, gas revenue from shale wells- Bloomberg Businessweek (1/13 – This Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story features expert commentary from John Dernbach, distinguished professor of law. A similar story was posted on Eagleford Texas)
  • The Heron’s Nest: The Daily Numbers for Tuesday, Jan. 12 – (1/13 – Widener University was mentioned) 

News Releases:

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