Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In the News:

  • Juice-O-Rexia: Could Cleansing Trigger a Whole New Harmful Eating Pattern? Yahoo! Shine (10/14 – Dr. Rachel Dore, an adjunct professor in the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, provided expert commentary) 
  • Leadership Agenda – The Philadelphia Inquirer (10/14 –  A new feature Q & A in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Leadership Agenda, is sponsored by Widener University) 
  • Widener’s FreshBaked Theatre Company to Present The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Ms. B: The Good News (10/14)
  • Veterans Law Clinic Director Sue Saidel was interviewed on the WIBG-AM program The Welcome Home Show for Veterans on 10/12 regarding veterans and legal issues and the clinic.

Events on or near Main Campus today:

  • Women’s Soccer vs. Hood College; 7 p.m.; Home

Athletic Update:

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