Monday, September 9, 2013

In the News:

  • Engage students with community – The Philadelphia Inquirer (9/9 – An op-ed on freshman day of service at Widener by Elizabeth Housholder, assistant dean of civic engagement) 
  • At K’nex, seeing the pieces fit just so – The Philadelphia Inquirer (9/9 – A new feature Q & A in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Leadership Agenda, is sponsored by Widener University; see page C8 for the ad)
  • Good vibrations – Philadelphia Daily News (9/9 – Mention of students in the human sexuality program at Widener)
  • Chief justice of Delaware’s Supreme Court to retire – Reuters (9/6 – Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh provided expert commentary. This story appeared in a number of outlets including: the Orlando Sentinel, The Virginia Gazette, and Daily Press)
  • 7th Circuit revives investor suit over $588 million Baxter International pump recall – The Knowledge Effect, a Reuters blog (8/30 – Law Professors Lawrence Hamermesh and Paul Regan were quoted) 

Events on Main Campus today:

Athletic Update:

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