Monday, August 26, 2013

In the News:

  • People in the News – The Philadelphia Inquirer (8/26 – Dr. Hal Shorey, assistant professor of clinical psychology and director of Organizational Development Services, was named consulting editor for the Journal of Personality Assessment) 
  • Moving Pennsylvania capital cure for corruption? Experts are skeptical – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (8/25 – Wes Leckrone, associate professor of political science, provided expert commentary) 
  • State sea-level planning grants awarded – The News Journal (8/25 – Mention of a recent grant Widener University received*) 
  • More States Pass Tougher Laws Restricting Abortion –  Legal Issues, a Voices of America program (8/23 – Law Professor John Culhane was quoted in this interview at 7:15. Note the majority of the clip is in Chinese) 
  • New Hope Mayor Declines To Officiate Same-Sex Wedding – New Hope Free Press (8/22 – Law Professor John Culhane provided expert commentary) 

Events on Main Campus today: 

  • First day of class

Athletic Update:

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