Wednesday, July 25, 2018

In the News:

Papa John’s can’t remove John Schnatter from board right away
Sheboygan Press
July 23, 2018
Article quotes Lawrence Hamermesh, professor emeritus of corporate law at Delaware Law School. This article is also featured in the Louisville Courier Journal.

Mars Making Closest Approach to Earth in 15 Years
USA Today
July 24, 2018
This Associated Press newswire story quotes Professor Harry Augensen as he explains why the red planet will be so bright when it is closest to the earth next week. This article is also featured in a number of national and international outlets including the San Francisco ChronicleThe China Post, and The Japan Times.

Widener University Hosts Robotics Summer Camp For Future Engineers
July 24, 2018
This evening news segment features the School of Engineering’s Robotics Camp held this week for high school students interested in the discipline and includes assistant professor and camp coordinator Xiaomu Song. NBC10 also ran a segment highlighting the camp.

Check out Mars at Widener
Delaware County Daily Times (no link)
July 25, 2018
The community briefing in today’s print edition features the upcoming stargazing at the Widener Observatory that invites members of the public to catch a glimpse of Mars as it makes its closest approach to earth in nearly 15 years.

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