Monday, August 28, 2017

In the News:

  • Why do we protect hate speech with the First Amendment? – Bangor Daily News, The Virginian Pilot, and The Morning Call (8/28 – Repost of the op-ed by Delaware Law Professor Alan Garfield)
  • Free-speech challenge: Can First and Second Amendments be exercised simultaneously? – The Christian Science Monitor (8/25 – Delaware Law Dean Rod Smolla provided expert commentary. A similar story was posted on Education News and Yahoo! News)
  • Chesco township plan would give municipalities more control over pipelines – NPR StateImpact (8/25 – Commonwealth Professor of Environmental Law and Sustainability John Dernbach provided expert commentary) 

Events Today on Main Campus: Classes begin

Athletic Update:

  • College Football Preview: Widener University Pride – PHL Today (Repost of the CBS Philly story on the Widener Football Team