November 21, 2016

In the News:

  • Delaware Achievers, Nov. 20 – The News Journal (11/20 – News that Widener University has once again been named a Military Friendly School by Victory Media)
  • Widener students surprise campus community with inaugural Courage Day – Chester City Blog (11/19 – News about last week’s Courage Day, an initiative out of the Oskin Leadership Institute)
  • The next US attorney general has already written a handbook on how the US should deal with immigration – Quartz (11/19 – Jill Family, director of the Law and Government Institute at Commonwealth Law, provided expert commentary)
  • Can America’s companies survive America’s most aggressive investors? – (11/19 – A reposting of The Atlantic article featuring expert commentary from Lawrence Hamermesh, corporate and business law professor at Delaware Law)
  • Wills for Heroes helps first responders with legal documents – Delaware Public Media (11/18 – News of a Wills for Heroes event administered by Delaware Law appeared  online and on WDDE with a news brief featuring an interview with Leslie Johnson, associate professor at Delaware Law, during the broadcast of All Things Considered)

Athletic Update:

Main Campus Events: