Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In the News:

  • Orlando Victims Watching Sandy Hook Gun Manufacturer Liability Case Opening Today – Insurance Journal (6/20 – Repost of the Bloomberg story featuring commentary by Delaware Law Professor John Culhane)
  • A Slice of good fortune: Uno Chicago Grill coming to Chester – Delaware County Daily Times (6/19 – Story on the upcoming grand opening of Uno Chicago Grill on campus. Dan Hanson, director of public relations, was quoted) 
  • Grimaldi case tests protections for online commenters – The News Journal (6/17 – Delaware Law Dean Rod Smolla was quoted)
  • Equal protection for people with disabilities – The News Journal (6/16 – An op-ed by Bob Hayman, professor emeritus of law and Dan Atkins, an adjunct professor at Delaware Law, on the proposed amendment to Delaware’s constitution)
  • DuPont May Dodge Toxic Lawsuits by Pulling a Disappearing Act – The Intercept (6/15 – Ruby R. Vale Professor of Business and Corporate Law Lawrence Hamermesh was quoted)
  • The June issue of the Delaware State Bar Association Journal included the story “Engaging Law Students in Pro Bono,” which mentioned Delaware Law(No link available) 
  • A story in The Capitol Forum on June 13 quoted Delaware Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh on the Dow/DuPont C8 litigation. (No link available) 

Athletic Update: