Wednesday, January 20, 2015

In the News: 

  • Delaware Law School panel discusses Black Lives Matter movement – WDEL-AM (1/19 – Story on Delaware Law students that participated in the Black Lives Matter campaign in honor of MLK Day. Dr. Sydney Howe-Barksdale, assistant dean for public interest partnerships and opportunities, was quoted) 
  • Investors target Viacom in suit on Redstone pay, call for change – Yahoo! News (1/19 – Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh was quoted in this Reuters story, which appeared in a number of news outlets) 
  • Ice Skater’s path leads her towards Nationals – News of Delaware County (1/19 – Cassandra Latsios is a student in the School of Business Administration)
  • OLMA junior named leadership award winner – (1/19 – Story on a recipient of the Widener University High School Leadership Award
  • Is Ted Cruz a “Natural Born Citizen”? – Fortune (1/19 – Law Professor Mary Brigid McManamon was mentioned) 
  • Justice system to be discussed at Lincoln University – Daily Local News (1/18 – Mention of a talk that Jayne Thompson, senior lecturer of English, will be giving on her book “Letters To My Younger Self” at Lincoln University)
  • Business People on the Move – The Philadelphia Inquirer (1/18 – Lenin P. Agudo has been named director of the Widener University Small Business Development Center)
  • SEXUALITY MATTERS: What is your couple sexual style? – News of Delaware County (1/13 – Monthly column written by a student in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies