Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In the News:

  • The School of Engineering’s Workshop for High School Teachers was mentioned during the morning news broadcast on WCAU-TV (NBC) 7/22.
  • Finding a Secure Base and Rewiring Your Personality – Psychology Today (7/21 – “Freedom to Change: How to manage relationships at home and work” is a blog written by Dr. Hal Shorey, associate professor of clinical psychology and director of Organizational Development Services) 
  • SEXUALITY MATTERS: Over–the–counter barrier methods of contraception – News of Delaware County (7/21 – Monthly column written by a student in the human sexuality program) 
  • A story about the installation of surveillance cameras in the Sun Hill section of Chester was featured during the evening broadcast on WCAU-TV (NBC) on 7/20.  The project is funded by grant from Widener University, as well as the city of Chester and Penndot.