Monday, April 27, 2015

In the News:

  • Letter from the Editor: Plenty of reasons to sing Chester’s praises – Delaware County Daily Times (4/27 – Praise for the work President Harris has done at Widener and in the city of Chester and mention of Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Sharon Meagher’s and Senior Lecturer Tim Scepansky’s participation with the Daily Times’ ‘Live from the Newsroom’ program)
  • College News – Bucks County Courier Times (4/27- News of Widener students from Bucks County who were recently inducted into honor societies or won awards presented by the School of Business Administration or Science Division)
  • Will Gay Marriage be the Law of the Land? On Monday’s ‘The American Law Journal’ – The Legal Intelligencer (4/27 – A preview of “The American Law Journal” program featuring John Culhane, distinguished professor of law and co-director of the Family Health Law & Policy Institute at Widener Law Delaware)
  • Greenberg case over AIG takeover questions government reach – Business Insurance (4/26 – Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh provided expert commentary)
  • Sources: Trian considered asking for a debate with DuPont – The News Journal (4/25 – Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh provided expert commentary)
  • Who owns this land? The answer wasn’t clear – The News Journal (4/26 – Also posted by USA Today– Law Professor Serena Williams provided expert commentary)
  • All Pennsylvanians to pay more, GOP gleans from report on Wolf’s tax plan – Tribune-Review (4/25 – Dr. Wes Leckrone, associate professor of political science, provided expert commentary)
  • When should justices ‘decide’ a constitutional right? – The News Journal (4/24 – Law Professor Alan Garfield provided expert commentary)
  • Eagles’ event tackles autism – The Courier Post (4/24 – Widener University’s Alpha Tau Omega was recognized for helping with an autism fundraiser)
  • Mean girls grow into mean adults: Anne Reeves – The Patriot-News (4/24 – A preview of the Pennsylvania Women’s Forum at the School of Law in Harrisburg)

Events on Main Campus today:

  • Town Hall to review benefits; 9:30-11 a.m., University Center Webb Room
  • Stargazing; 8:30 p.m., Widener Observatory

Athletic Update: