Monday, December 1, 2014

In the News:

  • Widener students feature Chester in new magazine – The Philadelphia Inquirer (12/1 – Mention of the Chester Magazine written and produced by students in the Communications Studies program) 
  • Should musicians be jailed for their lyrics – The News Journal (11/30 – Op-ed by Alan Garfield, professor of law)
  • Retiring judges clear the bench in Delaware – Delaware State News (11/29 – Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh provided expert commentary) 
  • Students and tutors converge at Chester High and Widener – The Philadelphia Inquirer (11/28 – Story of a partnership program with Widener University aimed at increasing literacy for at-risk students that was created by Mimi Staulters, assistant professor of special education, and Nancy Blank, associate professor of criminal justice. Two Widener student tutors were quoted) 
  • Black Friday shoppers may find only leftovers – Bloomberg Businessweek (11/27 – Ross Steinman, associate professor and chair of psychology, provided expert commentary in this Buffalo News story) 

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