Thursday, June 12, 2014

In the News:

  • Guest Column: Support the Ready to Succeed program – Delaware County Daily Times (6/11 – An op-ed on the Ready to Succeed Scholarship Program by President James T. Harris III*)
  • PEACE OF MIND: Does the sunshine affect our mood? – News of Delaware County (6/11 – Monthly column written by a student in the PsyD program. This month’s column was written by Hilary Hla)
  • On campus – Lebanon Daily News (6/11 – Mention of recent graduates) 
  • The 30th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management – MSW Management (6/10 – Ronald L. Mersky, associate professor of civil engineering, is the conference chair)
  • Is Delaware Law A Favor To Plaintiff Lawyers, Or Shareholder Protection? – Forbes (6/10 – Reference on Ruby R. Vale Professor of Corporate and Business Law Lawerence Hamermesh’s writing on plaintiff-lawyer tactics and his role on the Delaware State Bar’s Council)
  • Del. Judge Reshuffling Won’t Rock First State – Law 360 (6/10 – Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh provided commentary about turnover on the Delaware Supreme Court*)

News Releases: 

Events on Main Campus today:

  • Stars and S’mores: Dr. Harry Augensen, acting dean and professor of physics and astronomy, will share his stargazing expertise at dusk; 7 p.m.; Kirkbride Lawn

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