Friday, September 13, 2013

In the News:

  • Pennsylvania clerk told to stop issuing gay marriage licenses – Reuters (9/12 – Law Professor John Culhane provided expert commentary. This article appeared in a number of outlets including the Virginia Gazette and the Daily Press
  • Peace of Mind: Helicopter parenting: where do you draw the limit? – News of Delaware County (9/12 – Monthly column written by a PsyD student. This month’s column was written by Meridith Carter
  • First-year enrollment takes serious hit at Dickinson School of Law’s Carlisle campus – The Patriot-News (9/12 – The School of Law was mentioned) 
  • Validity of same-sex marriage licenses unclear in wake of Pennsylvania court decision – The Patriot-News (9/12 – Law professor John Culhane provided expert commentary) 
  • Few surprises: Reaction to Pennsylvania court judge ruling on gay marriage challenge – The Patriot-News (9/12 – Law professor John Culhane was quoted)
  • NAC&U Undergraduates Research the Cost of Higher Education – The New American Colleges & University September Newsletter (Students at Widener University were mentioned for their research on the cost of higher education) 
  • Students’ Passion about Higher Ed Costs Leads to Super PAC – The New American Colleges & University September Newsletter (A story by Nicole Crossey, ’16, and Andrea Stickley, ’14 on their Super PAC)
  • Experiential Learning in an Inter-Disciplinary, Multiple University Collaboration – The New American Colleges & University September Newsletter (A column on experiential learning using the Super PAC by Wes Leckrone, associate professor of political science) 
  • Widener Business Students Show Determination in Researching Higher Ed Costs – The New American Colleges & University September Newsletter (A column by Richard Goeke, associate professor of business, on The NAC&U research project)

Events on Main Campus today:

  • Field Hockey vs. Wilkes University; 7 p.m.; Home

Events on Main Campus Saturday:

  • Football vs. Lebanon Valley College; 1 p.m.; Home
  •  Women’s Soccer vs. Rutgers Newark; 5 p.m.; Home
  • Men’s Soccer vs.  D’Youville College; 7:30 p.m.; Home

Athletic Update: